A short summary of my skills and the tools I use.


Apps, Mobile Wesbites and Responsive Design are nowadays part of professional business. Don't underestimate the importance of being mobile. Let me advise you about it and get the best mobile solution.


I want to make the internet more beautiful and easy to use. For that duty, I'm using HTML5 and CSS3. I focus on building responsive websites with Bootstrap.


Applications are good, if they can be used intuitively. PHP and MySQL are my most favorite combinations for web-development. I'm familiar with MVC and using AngularJS and Laravel.


I am using an Olympus E-M5 Mark II. I focus on portrait- and street phototgraphy. I'm using Lightroom and Photoshop. You can book me here. TFP-Shootings available.


Have a look at what I'm doing. Contact me for more.

near2me Event-App

near2me Event-App

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SEO & Mobile

Apotheken Umschau

Apotheken Umschau





Albrecht IS

Albrecht IS


Aya Teahouse

Aya Teahouse


Takeshi Park

Takeshi Park Scene


Takeshi Forest

Takeshi Forest Scene



Some facts about me, myself and I.

"My name is Michael Siregar and I am from Germany.
I'm addicted to Japan, my favorite tea is japanese green tea and I love to eat Chili Con Carne, since I was a child!
My hobbies are programming, photography, drawing, cooking, playing guitar and singing. I'm a very creative person and love to mix my hobbies, like photography and webdesign. My online pseudonym is Giregar.
After my first trip to Japan, I fell in love with traveling. But currently time is rare, so I wish to travel a lot more in the near future!
I am founder of Michael Siregar Design. You can book me for shootings in Germany. I focus on potrait- and street photography. Just contact me here. Interesting projects are always welcome!
You can find me on several social networks."

  • Michael Siregar


    Early days

    I was born on a sunny day in Hamburg, Germany. My mum is german and my father is from indonesia. My family, friends and school were always in Hamburg. Everyone calls me Mischa.

  • Computer

    2006 - 2008

    IT traineeship

    As a teenager I started to learn HTML, PHP and so on, because I was very interested in Browsergames. That's why I wanted to do a traineeship in the IT business. I learned a lot about networks, digital technology and other stuff. But at the end, I decided to develop websites.

  • Light

    2008 - 2010

    Art school

    The art school taught me about software like Photoshop and Illustrator. Layout and design was part of the curriculum as well. Those experiences were precious for me as a webdesigner.

  • Building


    Civilian service

    I worked as a system administrator for one year at the children's hospital in Hamburg. My daily business was 1st and 2nd level support and on-site maintenance.

  • Desk

    Since 2011


    After civilian service I started to work at Albrecht IT Systems, a small IT company in Hamburg. I established webdesign- and development there.

  • HAW Hamburg

    Since 2012

    Studying Media IT

    I decided to study computer science in media at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. We've to work on a lot of projects (I focus on web-projects), to get to know about networks, JAVA and other stuff. After graduation I'll be B. Sc. in Media Systems.

  • Hamburg Harbor

    Since 2013

    First oversea experience

    My second job is the administration and support of the singaporean companies Asia-Research and LinkingAsia21.

  • Camera

    Since 2014

    Michael Siregar Photography

    Taking photos is my new love! I catch my photos with an Olympus E-M5 Mark II and a Lumix G6. Check out my photography on flickr or 500px or visit my sedcard.

  • Michael Siregar Design


    My own company

    February 2015 was a milestone for me! I founded my first, own company: Michael Siregar Design. The main focus lies on photography, webdesign and web development. You can book me here.

  • Pixelheimat



    My next step, after studying at the HAW Hamburg: Pixelheimat - a design agency, based in Hamburg, Germany. I'm working there as a webdeveloper.

  • Upljft

    SINCE 2017


    Upljft is a digital agency and beside developing websites, I worked with chatbots and improved my knowledge about UX.

  • Fatkitty

    SINCE 2017


    I love to explore new stuff and write about it. That's why I started the FATKITTY blog.

  • What
    will happen

    What I want

    For the future

    I want a wonderful family, an interesting job, traveling to Japan as often as possible and good health.

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